Manage My Membership

For our new, renewing and rejoining members, ALA wants to help you get the most out of your membership and your membership experience, now and throughout your career.

The "Manage My Membership" area helps you more easily manage and create your own membership experience. ?Use it as your ALA?"home base." ?Update your membership information, renew your membership, ?access useful information, better understand how ALA is organized via its Divisions, Round Tables and Offices, ?and stay abreast of ALA work and professional issues. ? Over time, we will be adding even more options and functions.

Create Your "Own ALA"?

ALA members tend to create their own ALA experience, which can evolve over time, by connecting with others with similar?interests and goals, ?by exploring something new, and by getting involved. ALA offers a wide variety of ways to connect with colleagues across the country and around the world. ?This includes ALA Divisions, Round Tables, numerous Offices, and all the individual connections you will make over time.

Alphabetic listing

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ALA Divisions:??ALA is home to eleven membership divisions, each with a type-of-library or type-of-library-function specialization.?? ALA divisions publish journals, books, newsletters, and other materials; provide continuing education in a variety of venues and formats; offer awards and scholarships; sponsor institutes and conferences; and maintain networks of affiliates, chapters, and other collaborative relationships.

ALA Round Tables: Round Tables are membership groups and may charge dues, develop programs, issue publications (with the approval of the ALA Publications Committee), and affiliate with regional, state or local groups with the same interests.

ALA Offices:?ALA offices are units that address broad interests and issues of concern to ALA members. Offices do not have members but are advised by member advisory committees. ALA’s programmatically-focused Offices can be seen as generally reflecting the member-determined priority areas of the Association, within which they track issues, and provide information, services and products for members and the general public. Offices maintain liaison relationships with ALA round tables, committees and external groups.?

ALA Connections:??ALA provides you opportunity to renew relations with former friends and colleagues, create new connections, and have access to more than 56,000 other members, who make the best kind of consultants when you are looking for new ideas and need to see how others have addressed challenges similar to the those you or your library face.