ALA Governance

同乐城88网址 Headquartered in Chicago, the ALA is governed by an elected?Council, which is its policy-making body, and an?Executive Board, which acts for the Council in the administration of established policies and programs. In this context, the Executive Board is the body that manages the affairs of the Association, delegating management of the Association’s day-to-day operation to the?executive director. The ALA also has 37 standing?committees, designated as committees of the Association or of the Council. The Association’s operations are directed by the executive director and implemented by?staff?through a structure of programmatic?offices?and support units.

The ALA is home to 11 membership?divisions, each focused on a type of library or library function, and 20?round tables?for members who share interests that lie outside the scope of any of the divisions. A network of?affiliates,?chapters, and?other organizations?enables the ALA to reach a broad audience.

See also the ALA Executive Office and Office of ALA Governance.